Thick as Thieves

Date 24th March 2017
Society Acorn Theatre Company
Venue The Academy Theatre, Barnsley
Type of Production Play
Director Cevin Barker


Author: Les Smith


Thick as Thieves is a play about a couple of hapless burglars who break into a house which results in a catalogue of very funny consequences.

Chris Sheard as Barry and Cev Barker as Steph form the duo who are destined for a life behind bars, in fact Barry has already served time for other criminal offences.

This was a two handed piece which meant both Chris and Cev had to be on their toes at all times which they did to deliver this great piece of theatre.

There were some very funny lines in this play which were delivered expertly and at times I suspect the audience were two steps ahead of Barry played by Chris who did a great job of portraying the more simple of the two characters, I especially liked the lines abut the most common Owl which took Barry around twenty minutes to understand.  If anyone reading this does not know what I am talking about and want to know more I suggest you check out when this play is being performed again and go to watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Congratulations to both Chris and especially to Cev who not only performed in this but also directed it too.