The Yeomen of the Guard

Date 16th March 2016
Society Rose Hill Musical Society
Venue Guildhall Theatre, Derby
Type of Production Musical
Director Beverley Graham
Musical Director Margaret Slater
Choreographer Beverley Graham


Author: Keith Scott-Savage

This was a traditionally  performed Gilbert and Sullivan in its truest form,  with excellent choral singing throughout,  and fine vocals from the principals.

Nicola Harris was ideal in the role of Elsie Maynard, as was  Angela Martin as Phoebe Meryll and Jayne Brewster Beard as the indomitable Dame Carruthers.  Melvyn Edwards`  strong powerful voice was tailor made for Colonel Fairfax.  As Jack Point,  Craig Arme showed great aptitude for comedy in the challenging role portraying a great range of emotions in both acting and singing,  emphasising the vulnerability of the character.  There were good performances from Peter Featherstone as Sergeant Meryll,  and David Fletcher as Wilfred Shadbolt.  The vocal highlight for me was the quartet, ` Strange Adventure!`, it was excellently delivered.

 Well directed,  and with the usual  classy orchestra, under the direction of Carl Smith, the   audience lapped it up, which about says it all.  Rose Hill keep the G & S flag flying high.