The Wizard of Oz

Date 8th November 2014
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Courtyard, Hereford
Type of Production Musical
Director Steve Liddle
Musical Director Jenni Axtell
Choreographer Sarah-Jane Mathews


Author: Louise Hickey MBE

I am not a lover of projected sets as I find them quite intrusive and distracting, but I could see how much easier it made the many scene changes throughout the show; and it certainly didn’t affect the brilliant performances of the entire cast in what was a first class production. Holly Clack was outstanding as Dorothy, and disproved the old adage of not working with children and animals as she did both admirably. Elliot Gooch and Lewis Booton were excellent as the Tinman and Lion respectively; their interpretation and mannerisms were as convincing as I would have hoped for. Jack Chambers who played the Scarecrow was superb and the acrobatic moves he used looked so natural and effortless. The delightful thing about the four leading principals was their voices; they sang so beautifully.

Emily Saunders was lovely as Glinda and looked very regal as she was ‘flown’ in to share her wisdom with the cast. Speaking of flying, I congratulate Katie Davis for her performance as Almera Gulch (on her bike) and as the Wicked Witch flying in on her broomstick; neither phased her and she was delightfully nasty throughout with a truly evil cackle that reduced some of the younger members of the audience to tears.

I loved the four crows and the three trees; the harmonies were outstanding ladies! There was lovely choreography for the company who looked as if they really enjoyed themselves. It was nice to see the youth group enjoying themselves too. Rees Price, a youth group member played the Munchkin Mayor, and deserves a special mention as he was so poised and confident and is a fantastic dancer too. The supporting cast were all wonderful and cannot go unmentioned. Finally I must mention the other star of the show, Dotty Edwards as Toto; she was adorable and the entire audience thought so too.