The Wind in the Willows

Date 7th February 2019
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Tomkin Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Nicky Willett, Sarah Phillips
Musical Director Jenni Axtell


Author: Louise Hickey

This adaptation of the West End musical, The Wind in the Willows, was an absolute joy to watch. The stage was full of enthusiastic talented youngster’s, the majority of whom were under the age of 10, tackling what I personally thought was an incredibly difficult score, with not a nerve in sight. Whilst the ensemble sang extremely well, I must mention the swallows who sang a beautiful song and treated us to lovely harmonies and the hedgehogs who were simply wonderful.

The principle roles were superbly acted, and I congratulate them all on their performances. The relationship between Rat and Mole was lovely; I found the scene where they found Mole’s home very touching. Badger showed a maturity beyond his years with a voice to match. I did enjoy Toad’s antics and he seemed completely at ease in the role and his poop, poop, made us all laugh out loud. Mrs Otter was fabulous and portrayed a lovely maternal instinct for the lovely Portia, her daughter. The villains of the piece, namely the Weasels and Stouts did a fine job of taking (albeit short lived) over the Hall and menacing everyone.

The set and costumes were as much stars of the show as the cast were: the cars, boat and carriage were amazing, and the costumes were perfect. The production team did a fantastic job in keeping everything ‘of the period’. Such a delightful show which I thoroughly enjoyed, thank you HMTC.