The Vicar of Dibley

Date 24th June 2014
Society Encore Productions
Venue The Brindley Runcorn
Type of Production Play
Director Julie Goodwin


Author: Peter Johnson

It’s incredible to think that on opening night the standard of this show was wonderful, highlighting the quality which can be attained through hard work, discipline and dedication. Thoroughly well cast. The enormous amount of scene changes on such a good set didn’t detract from the overall effect created for this type of show which the entire cast used to their advantage. When a show is cast the hopes are that those chosen will emulate and create the character with the guidance of the director, well I have to say I had to do a double take when the leading lady hit the stage (Jane Newey) as Geraldine Granger The Vicar of Dibley was absolutely outstanding maintaining the character throughout, with all the mannerisms and quirky asides of Dawn French which had the audience in fits of laughter, tremendous, well done.(David Swift) as David Horton maintained the stiff upper lip and endeavoured to keep the proceedings on track at the parish meetings  a challenge for anyone considering all the flippant remarks and joking from all the members of the committee especially as the dialogue flowed at such a pace well done. Alice Tinker (Rebecca Hatch) always at the mercy of the Vicar was in my opinion far more endearing than that of the TV personality, blonde and dippy with the most charismatic smile a beautifully portrayed character. Owen Newitt (Neil Atherton) played this role to the full bleeding every ounce of comedy out of this part absolutely hilarious. Now we come to the yank in the pack Hugo Horton (Jason Warner) young man the diction you produced and maintained throughout would have served you at any English garden party, a terribly terribly typically down trodden son until such times as you asserted your authority over your father to marry the girl of your dreams good characterisation well done. The parts of Jim Trott (Paul Pope) Frank Pickle (Phil Dean) and Mrs Cropley (Michelle Dean) where all played with conviction and believability which under pinned the show well done to all three. An overall extremely funny show well directed, congratulations to wardrobe for a well dressed show.

Many thanks for your hospitality during my visit