The Sound of Music

Date 17th April 2019
Society B & B Young Peoples Theatre Group
Venue Players Theatre (The Bethel)
Type of Production Musical


Author: Terry Rymer

There is a simple way to assess the quality of a show and that is to listen to, or read, the opinions of the audience…! Here we had a full house opening night and standing ovations for not just one or two stand-out moments, but for the whole package of a cast and directional team, plus a young tech team, who excelled in every department.

There are of course moments to savour and accolades are rightly given to those who show the quality and dedication which will undoubtedly propel them to future careers if they so chose, (and many have stated this aim!).

We were privileged to see a show that could have graced any professional stage with singing and movement to match any ‘adult’ production. If asked to name those outstanding moments I would refer to the ambitious and impressive souvenir programme where CV’s are already reading as a who’s who of the local and even national stage. From the opening evocative and haunting number (Finn Alderman), we were whisked into the well recognised story of the Von Trapp family where each and every cast member from age 6 to early twenties played a part to perfection. Of course we had the very believable and constant presence of Maria (Ellie Abrahams), who carried off her first B and B leading role with style and confidence and well delivered vocals. Her role opposite, Capt Von Trapp (Wesley Smith), gave us a supreme interpretation of Teutonic efficiency, including a whistle concerto to summon his well ordered brood of seven children! Here we had a whole generation of children we would all be proud of…from age six to sixteen…going on seventeen! (Bella McCormack, Jessica Burroughs, Isla Gorst, Jack Bloomfield, Alysha Woods, Jake Joyce, Megan Rochford ), they made a formidable team never faltering in their interpretation of their roles with a delicate balance of age related behaviour and style. Their obvious joie de vie was a joy to behold!

Humour was always top of the agenda for ‘uncle’ Max (Benjamin Head) as he had to tread a fine line between the ‘new regime’ and his Austrian identity but also as a friend to Capt Von Trapp. He made us smile! The Mother Abbess (Evie Forsdicke) wowed us with her outstanding vocals, in particular the iconic  ‘Climb Every Mountain’. She will certainly take more lead roles in future.

We had a number of significant cameo roles each and every one creating just the right interpretation and all showing so much potential for any future plans they may have ‘in the business!’ I will not name them all here as it will extend this review into several pages. Just know that this show benefitted from every single one and there was no such phrase as ‘just a chorus member’ or small part, as the ensemble of characters and voices brought together, aided and abetted by a well balanced fifteen piece orchestra, all contributing to an outstanding piece of youth theatre, worthy of all the accolades and indeed standing ovations offered at each performance.

This is a Group of young people run by young people and long may they continue. The future is safe in their hands. A ‘BIG’, Well done!