The Sleeping Beauty

Date 16th February 2013
Society Saxilby Drama Circle
Venue Saxilby Community Hall
Type of Production pantomime
Director Richard Kort
Musical Director Neal Chattaway
Choreographer Yvette Kimber


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Congratulations to those responsible for the excellent set and to those who were in charge of the lighting and sound. The costumes were quite delightful, too. Along with the adult performers were eight youngsters of whom the youngest was just four years of age. Their involvement throughout was notable and included several charming routines. All the named characters played their parts extremely well. Meadowsweet [Janet Pick] was a good witch who, accompanied by the Gold, Silver and Lilac Fairies, bestowed kind gifts upon the baby princess. The King, Chamberlain and Nurse Glucose, along with Muddles [Mark Stoneham] were responsible for much of the comedy. I particularly enjoyed their riotous rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, the Echoes scene, the cookery and the picnic scenes. Holly Cook in the title role and James Sharples as Prince Florizel were nicely matched, while Yvette Kimber, with fearsome make-up, was fiercely evil as the bad witch, Toadflax. This was a most enjoyable production; great fun.