The Revlon Girl

Date 22nd August 2019
Society Luna Theatre Company
Venue Volcano Theatre - Swansea
Type of Production Play
Director Michael Aubin - assited by Gabrielle Radford


Author: Allan Mears

In 1966, 116 school children and 28 adults were killed in a mining accident, where a landslide buried a primary school in Aberfan, South Wales. Eight months on, a representative from cosmetics company Revlon arrives in Aberfan, invited by a local support group as a diversion. Based on a true story, the play begins with her arrival in a leaky hall, her promise of lives brightened by lipstick bumping into women whose lives stopped the day their children didn’t come home. 

As the lights faded, we were transported back to that day with the sound of children playing, the school bell ringing, the waste slipping and then nothing. 

Sarah Clatworthy as the nervous, devoted peacekeeper Sian is heartbreaking from the moment she enters, her description of her husband’s struggle to cope with the disaster is most moving of a series of powerful monologues. 

Stephanie Beal as Revlon created a saleswoman who you hardly believe could sell anything, her body language conveying the nervousness and uncertainty of an outsider, 

Alison Saunders as Marilyn plays the perfect watcher, acting even when she is not the centre of attention and yet able to erupt with such power before folding in on herself once more.  

Emmalee Wilson revels as the bolshie, potty-mouthed Rona, giving a brilliant, bristling performance (and justification enough to never queue again). 

Cath Van Wyk as Jean, who is so consumed with grief at the loss of her son, that she refuses to address her pregnancy. 

The team work between these actresses needs applauding, they complemented each other and were a superb team. Each delivered excellent performances. 

This was a brilliant piece of theatre. Director Michael Aubin made great use of the space at the Volcano theatre. The set worked well, Lighting complimented the production.  

An excellent piece of teamwork.  Well done to everyone involved.