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The Pied Piper


1st February 2018


Burley Players


Village Hall, Burley

Type of Production



Sandy Simpson & Mary Turner

Musical Director

Pamela Berry


Jenny Elward


Author: Marie Coltman

The Script is by Alayn P. Frayn and based on the story of the Pied Piper, but with the traditional pantomime characters and humour. Sandy Simpson and Mary Turner are the directors of this production, they have a great cast that keep up the pace and with the choreography by Jenny Elward, the chorus and dancers move well. Musical Director Pamela Berry keeps the songs bright and cheery.

Colin Hobbs plays Helga von Trump the dame and he’s just right for the part. There are some good lines and the jokes come thick and fast, the audience soon start joining in laughing.  Willie is Helga’s son, played by Sharon Street, who again is a likeable character. Hans played by Pam Berry is the other son along with his girlfriend Heidi, Katy Perriman as the love interests. They all work well together.

Simon Newns plays the Burgomeister of the town and Heidi’s father, he is a strong character trying to rid the town of the rat problem along with Blatter, Veronica Johnstone, and Splatter, Sue Trotter, who work very well together as the rat catchers; there is some lovely comedy.

Vicky Freer takes the role of Pippin the Pied Piper, who takes the rats away with her super piccolo playing.  As with any good panto, Deborah Nightingale is the good Fairy Strudel, getting the audience on her side, as for the baddies Jackie Reynolds plays Sour-Kraut suitably nasty with her evil lieutenant and chief rat, Rat-Worst, Richard Pratt.

The set was good, the costumes were just right and very colourful, everyone was having a good time and that came over. The junior chorus were also good as Rats, Pigs and the children taken away by the piper.

Well done everyone.