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The Pied Piper


14th December 2017


Greenhills Pantomime Society


Village Theatre, East Kilbride

Type of Production



Joy Eunson and Paul Eunson


Paul Eunson


Joy Munro, Katie Downie and Nicola Houston


Author: David Black

This is a much less performed pantomime but still with the appeal of the Germanic tale.  True to its roots in folklore, it was current with up-to-date comedy, corny gags, rhyme and song.  As Sour-Kraut (the witch) and Rat-Worst (the chief rat) battle it out against Fairy Strudel and a host of other characters, including Dame Helga, the local sausage maker, the story unfolds.  Anne-Marie Simpson made an excellent Witch Sour-Krat with Brian Sheilds as Rat-Worst.  Eleanor Hamilton was a fine Fairy Strudel with Veronica Wharton excelling as Dame Helga however, when paired with Paul Eunson as Willie, both brought the magic of the traditional Scottish pantomime to the stage.  Other principals included Angelique Watt as Heidi, Susan Livingstone as Hans, John Brewster as the Burgomeister and of course Lynn Meldrum as the Pied Piper.  The remaining principals with the adult and junior chorus featured well in supporting the telling of the tale and in closing, the entire company, dressed in blue, white and silver provided a warm rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ in candlelight.  I am sure all involved in the production will be pleased with the response provided by the audiences at each performance.