The Frog Princess

Date 24th November 2018
Society Cast and Crew Theatre Workshop
Venue The Memorial Hall, Canvey Island
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Bernie Saxby
Musical Director Sally Catling
Choreographer Not credited


Author: Tessa Davies

Cast & Crew produce a good panto with all the elements you expect from the genre.  Plenty of audience participation which was handled with good humour by the cast.  Lovely costumes, a mean Baddie, a larger than life Dame, a pair of silly characters, a lovely princess, a witch, the list is endless, and I think they covered all the options.

Maxine Neil played the Frog well, she was the ‘narrator’ of the show and kept the story running smoothly.  Deb Adams (Bumpkin) and Sarah Lepley (Numbskull) played the two ‘silly’ men and their characters were perfect for the story.  Matthew Willis played the ‘baddie’ king well, the children (young and old) enjoyed booing him and he played along.  Not sure about his singing but I suspect that was deliberate!   Sally Catling (Princess Sarcastica) a cheeky character, nicely paced and delightful to watch.   Coral Baker played Princess Rosetta with plenty of spirit and she has a good singing voice too!  Trudy Britnell was the Witch, suitably evil and a terrific costume.

Peter Dumenil played Laces (the ‘Buttons’ part) but in this story he gets the girl, which is a nice twist.  His performance was excellent, keeping the audience involved but with enough control to ensure the show ran smoothly.  Martin Lepley played the Dame, Lady FFartquiatly with great style and humour, this is definitely the role for Martin in panto! 

Sallie Castile (Clara Cleanall) Kim Dowding (MissTake) Helen Fitzgerald (Magic Mirror)  Michael Jay and Bradley Bailey (the guards) completed the cast.  All of them played their parts well and everyone contributed to a great evening’s entertainment.

The scenery was simple, as it has to be in the venue, but very effectively done, the scene changes were well planned.  Lighting was simple but effective.  Overall a very enjoyable start to the pantomime season.  My thanks to the company for making me welcome.