The Crucible

Date 30th May 2019
Society Luna Theatre Company
Venue Arts Wing – Swansea Grand Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Michael Aubin


Author: Allan Mears [on behalf of Luke Spencer]

The Crucible is a highly dramatic play by Arthur Miller, based on the Salem witch trials of 1692, this has to be one of the most iconic plays and difficult for adults to pull off with thought provoking subjects which are as relevant today as they ever were.

With such a simplistic set, most of the staging was achieved through the use of the lighting, which gave appropriate colour to match the moods throughout and the spots were well positioned. Background music was at times loud and some of the script was missed by the audience.

This was an impressively large cast who worked very hard, producing some very creditable performances creating some very nice pieces of theatre. Excellent team work, good delivery of dialogue, clear diction all made for a polished performance from a very talented cast.

For me there were two stand out performances of the night. Jacob Tanner as Reverend Hale switching from sinister to troubled protagonist to empathic priest and all looking and sounding very convincing. A well worked on and rounded performance.

The second was from James Morgan as John Proctor a really difficult role to play with such a journey for the character throughout the play. His commitment to the role was evident and this was a faultless performance.

Director Michael Aubin had certainly put some work into this production, his cast were well rehearsed and well drilled and the scenes cleverly plotted. The performances he pulled out of his actors were both powerful and mesmerising,

This was quite a brave choice of play in the current climate and I would urge you to continue to be bold in your choices and help to push boundaries in non-professional theatre.

Thank you for your hospitality on the night and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.