Stepping OUt

Date 23rd April 2013
Society Encore Productions
Venue Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington
Type of Production Play
Director Bryan Higgins


Author: Michael Jones-McCaw

It was all legwarmers and leotards at the Pyramid Arts Centre for this superb production of Stepping Out.  Julie Parry is no stranger to the stage taking the lead as Mavis. She exuded warmth and encouragement for her group whilst battling with her own personal problems.

It was great to see Christine Robins playing a meaty part  (Mrs. Fraser) and one that demanded impeccable comic timing which Christine mastered perfectly along with great facial expressions and that disapproving look over her glasses.  

Jane Newey as Sylvia was hilarious delivering every single line with pout and punch and had everyone roaring with laughter. Jane didn’t stop acting with superb reactions even when she wasn’t involved directly in a conversation.

Andy was played by Rebecca Hatch who showed us all that she isn’t just a Musical Theatre performer (but we knew that) and highlighted her versatility as an actor. She was very natural and easy to watch and as always brought something extra special to the role.

Phil Dean played Geoffrey with heaps of ‘Geek Appeal’ and had a great on stage relationship with all his fellow students. He completely nailed this character which is so easy, and too often, too over the top. Not in this case. Congratulations Phil.

The whole cast were indeed on top form bringing each of their characters to life and ably directed by Bryan Higgins who created some quite lovely moments and seemed to hit all the comedy notes in exactly the right spot.

The set was simple and effective – it looked draughty, tired and soulless and it worked. The music was well chosen and costumes looked just great – Sylvia’s were quite… unforgettable.

With this play, you have to be able to dance well to look bad at it and every one did just that which made the finale number look great allowing everyone to showcase their real talents – Mrs. Fraser included

Well Done to everyone involved.