Date 21st September 2018
Society Acorn Theatre Company


Author: NOEL G. RIGG

I was amazed when I heard that Acorn Youth Theatre were going to produce Starlight Express as the skating involved presents too much of a problem for most societies but of course Acorn could not resist the challenge it presents. The youngsters are to be congratulated on achieving a more than acceptable standard of skating as most had not skated before. The singing of the ensemble numbers was excellent the skating did not seem to be an obstacle for them. All the principals acted and sung well with great conviction I was especially impressed by Bethan Ripley (Pearl) and Archie Rhodes (Dustin) and two very mature performers Lyndan Barclay (Greaseball) and Rowan Lightfoot (Rusty). The direction and choreography was very well organised and performed. The U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. number was a delight it must have taken a lot of rehearsing! Keep up the great work.