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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs


24th January 2018


Dearne Miners Welfare Theatrical Society


Dearne Playhouse, Goldthorpe

Type of Production



Juliet Piper


Catherine Fearons & Hayley Middleton


Author: Les Smith

Question, what is the best thing you can do to alleviate the winter blues, Answer, Go to see a good panto! Well going to see DCMWS Theatrical Society’s production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a good panto to see, it had all the ingredients of a great production and was delivered by a good cast.

It was good to see some great youngsters taking some of the leading parts especially when it came to the principal boy and girl, these were in the more than capable hands of Beth Swain as Snow White and Evie Rogers as Prince Frederick, both these two young girls had excellent singing voices which blended well together to give a very convincing performance.

Another youngster playing one of the major roles, although it is true to say no stranger to this group, is Louis Piper as Danny Dumpling, again Louis was able to work the audience to get a god amount of laughter from them alongside his dad Nick Piper as the outrageous Dolly Dumpling. Together Louis and Nick were able to keep the audience entertained throughout the whole show.

I mentioned there were a good number of youngsters involved in this panto and it was good to see two such youngsters playing the fairies, Nicole Footit as Fairy Goodnight and Sophie Dimanna as Wonderwings, both these two were able to spread their fairy dust amongst their fellow actors to bring the magic and sparkle although I do have to say they could have slowed down their delivery of the lines a little. AS with all panto as well as having the good fairies they have to have a little evilness in the plot and here we had a very evil character in Queen Caligula, she brought every bit of wickedness out in the part to generate a god amount of hissing and booing from the audience. 

Alongside Queen Caligula to give a little more evil was Graham Diamond as Black Wing, the Queen’s sort of commander in chief, and Graham was excellent in this part not only as Black Wing but also as the evil crow when he had to strut around the stage giving the impression of the black bird we all know. Completing the comedy line up playing Bogwort and Stinkwort there was an excellent duo in Charlie Piper and Cordie Freeman respectively, both these were able to bounce off each other  to get the right amount of laughs throughout the show.

The title of this panto is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but here we had not seven but just six dwarfs as one of the youngsters had the misfortune to be taken ill before the show which left no time for a replacement to rehearse, the remaining six were not fazed by this and got around the missing one by saying he was very shy! The youngsters playing the dwarfs were Alfie Coles as Speak True, Freya Rhodes as Grouchy, Holly Bedford as Sniffly, Jasmine Harland as Cheerful, Isabelle Norton as Dozy and Ewan Brindley as Disney, these six youngsters all played their parts exceptionally well all the way through the panto.

One of the highlights as always in The Dearne panto is the appearance of the Fearon-Middleton Dancers and as always they came up trumps to deliver the goods, expertly dancing around the stage to add to the entertainment.

Many congratulations to everyone involved in this panto especially to Juliet Piper who directed and had the vision to make this a really great show.