Snow White

Date 4th January 2020
Society Rainbow Dance Studio
Venue Lowther Pavilion, Lytham
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Deirdre Middleton
Choreographer Deirdre Middleton & Francesca Harrison
Producer Rainbow Dance & Theatre School


Author: Chris Higgins

Snow White

Rainbow Dance and Theatre School 

This is the first of my visits to a Rainbow show in an official capacity and I was excited to see a full auditorium at Lowther Pavillion with friends and family in strong attendance.  Rainbow have a great reputation for turning out well polished and creative work.  This was a large cast with a wide age range, which in itself creates its own challenge, but the team at Rainbow did a great job with this production.  The set was relatively simple with some beautiful painted pieces and a stunning statement story book piece for the beginning of the show.  The costumes were outstanding and very effective for the story. I’m pretty sure there was about 3 tonnes of glitter on the stage during the finale!  I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that parents and production team involved are still finding glitter now.

The show was started by a slightly nervous, but very professional Fairy played by Jess Hagon.  Her delivery of the role was fantastic and she followed that up with some very engaging dancing throughout the show - well done!  The cast in general were well drilled and slick on their entrances and exits, no matter what age group they were dancing with.  The choreographers - Deirdre Middleton & Francesca Harrison  had clearly worked their cast hard during rehearsals and it certainly paid off.  Its very difficult when you have a cast of so many to give everyone good dance space without using lines and whilst there certainly were plenty of lines in the larger scenes, you didn’t really pick up on it as the movements in the choreography were inventive and fresh.  The older more experienced dancers were able to judge their spacing really well using every inch of the space. 

Well done to the principle roles of Abigail Bolton as Snow White gave a convincing performance as the lead character.  Abigail had clearly worked very hard on her characterisation and some early nerves gave way to an assured performance, at times it was as if we were watching the original cartoon.  Zara Beverley As The Evil Queen had a strong character with great projection and lovely line delivery.  Caitlin Elliott As Prince Ferdinand was a dependable supporting performer and her timing in her script delivery was spot on.   As previously mentioned - Jess Hagon as The Fairy gave a very professional performance, delivering her lines with a confident smile and sang a lovely solo song - well done!  A lovely cameo appearance from Kendall Lee M.B.E who makes a cameo appearance in Rainbows Pantomime each year he seemed comfortable on stage and was happy to ad lib to try and keep the audience on side. The script delivery was strong and well paced, with good projection and bucket fulls of character from each performer on the stage.  Well done to Francesca Harrison (Choreographer) for making a guest appearance as Mary Poppins, which did take me by surprise but what a lovely way to intertwine more Disney characters.  Her vocals were lovely and appreciated by the audience all around me!

The sound and lighting was well catered for and executed by Christopher Haylett and Associates.  The lighting was awesome and fit the production very well - it certainly helped raise the production value,  the audience were very impressed, and showed it with being very vocal and giving some standing ovations.  Well done to everyone involved and I look forward to your next production.