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Sleeping Beauty


6th January 2018


Rainbow Dance Studio


Lowther Pavilion

Type of Production



Barbara Haylett-Eshelby

Musical Director

Phil Cookson


Barbara Haylett-Eshelby,Lisa Hanlon, Francesca Harrison


Author: Eddie Regan

Congratulations to the entire Production Team and Cast for a very enjoyable version of “Sleeping Beauty” our first visit of 2018.The audience were enthralled and mesmerized by the great pace of the production as the well known story unfolded.The Pantomime was Produced and Choreographed by Barbara Haylett - Eshelby and Lisa Hanlon with some additional choreography by Francesca Harrison.

The standard of performance from the Tiny Tots, Juniors and Inters, Seniors and Students was exceptionally high with polished and well rehearsed routines. The Choreography was innovative, imaginative and creative and the contrasting disciplines were interspersed between the dialogue. The whole cast worked well and diction and projection are improving with each Production I see by this Company.

There was an excellent performance from Kate Hughes as Maleficent as she commanded the stage at her every appearance.Costumes were outstanding and the great attention to detail was apparent.The precision and placement of all the routines was first class and the contrasts between the different disciplines was exceptional,The elegant ballet sequences contrasted well with the high energy tap and modern numbers.

I was particularly pleased with “ The Baggy Trousers” and “Michael Jackson” routines.

There was an excellent musical selection  and Musical Director Phil Cookson played his role successfully as both keyboard and technician. Dramatic Lighting and very good scenery  provided atmosphere and evoked emotions to enhance the drama and dance.I must mention, once again the matrons and dressers who are an essential part of the seamless continuity. All dancers and actors knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing.

The Tiny Tots, yet again, stole the show and it is so encouraging to give these youngsters an opportunity to learn the disciplines of Dance and to play in front of an audience.     Congratulations, once again, to all involved. Thank you so much for the warm welcome to my wife and myself