Sister Act

Date 11th November 2017
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Courtyard, Hereford
Type of Production Musical
Director Richard Davies
Musical Director Jenni Axtell
Choreographer Sarah-Jane Mathews


Author: Louise Hickey OBE

This must be one of the best HMTC productions I have ever had the pleasure to review. From the opening scene in the nightclub when Georgina Silcox, as Deloris van Cartier, started to sing ‘Take me to Heaven’ it was a wow moment. What an amazing performance! Georgina remained in character throughout and her voice, range and vocal ability was amazing, it was absolutely the perfect role for her. Nice harmonies were provided by Chloe and Jen as Tina and Michelle and although it was short it was  definitely sweet.


Sarah Phillips also found her perfect role as Mother Superior. Sarah was incredibly funny and gave a first-class performance. Her timing was spot on and the one-liners she delivered were brilliant and as clear as a bell. She was also a great drunk. Likewise, Paul Morris was excellent as Monsignor O’Hara who matched Sarah with his timing and they both used perfect accents. I loved the scene in the confessional, the direction of their movements throughout this short interlude was very clever and very funny.


Lewis Booton, having finished another show only the week before, gave an impressive performance as Curtis Jackson. Lewis has been in several shows, but this is by far the best and he performed his character in a very mature and confident manner.

His henchmen, Ian Burrell as Joey, Josh Harris as Pablo and Rees Mathews as TJ were brilliant! Each one absolutely right for the part and each one comfortable in sending themselves up with their actions. Josh’s Spanish was excellent, but his portrayal was even better, Ian did an amazing Barry White impression and Rees was so funny and his backwards floor slide was fantastic, he too gets better each time I see him.


Sam Morrish’s debut with HMTC as Eddie Souther was a huge success. He played his part with a quiet assurance and his transformation scene was quite something!  He also has a very lovely voice.


As for the Nuns well:  It was lovely seeing Trish Chandler in a principle role again and she was so funny as Sister Mary Lazarus, her rap number was hysterical. The baseball cap was a nice touch. Emily Saunders played the timid Sister Mary Roberts very well, but Emily Gardner shone as Sister Mary Patrick; Her vivaciousness was infectious, and she too remained in character throughout which must have been exhausting. However, the entire ensemble of nuns and choirboys were outstanding. The songs they sang were amazing and the sound they emitted was truly beautiful, it gave me Goosebumps especially the Latin numbers. The direction, both stage and musical, were excellent, as was the choreography. There were so many nice touches and nuances which were clever and at times quite subtle. The whole thing was slick and so professional. It was obvious that they had put in a great number of hours rehearsal time to perfect their singing and dancing. The use of the stage thrusts was used to their best advantage, the lighting was perfect and the sound was superb.


I loved the scene when Deloris was standing on the sofa singing and the nuns appeared behind her singing something different. The sound was phenomenal, and I am a sucker for great harmonies and these were incredible.  The final scene between the Mother Superior and Deloris was very moving but the finale was nothing less than spectacular.


But the best thing about this show was that it was evident that the cast loved performing this amazing production as much as we enjoyed watching it.


I have now run out of superlatives so all I can say is that I am sorry I can’t watch it all again, I loved it.