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Side Show


3rd October 2018


Pint of Wine Theatre Company


Bussey Building

Type of Production



Dom O’Hanlon

Musical Director

John Reddel (assisted by Artemis Reed)


Becky East


Author: Carly Hilts and Simon Jones

The prospect of a musical where your two leading ladies spend most of their stage time inseparably linked together is a real creative challenge, both in terms of characterisation and choreography – but this well put together production scaled that peak effortlessly, with a very natural and emotionally interesting portrayal of the conjoined twins Daisy and Violet. A diverse and energetic cast really brought this surprising true story to life, using the atmospheric attic space of their venue very effectively. It was impressive to read in the programme that this is the company’s inaugural musical – this was an accomplished production that spoke of seasoned experience.

There were some barnstorming performances, with real commitment to characterisation – embracing the chorus of ‘freaks’’ unusual physicalities but also bringing humanity to what could otherwise have been tasteless caricatures. The dancing was also slick and clearly very well-rehearsed, while the range of costumes was hugely inventive.