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1st May 2012


The Peoples Theatre Company


Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham

Type of Production



Bushra Naseer


Author: Phil Williams

This was a real-life story based on the autumn years of the writer C.S.Lewis and of love found and lost. It was well directed by Bushra, conveying the feeling of life in Oxford and the struggles of faith and love experienced by Lewis as the story developed. Robert Suttle gave an excellent performance as Jack Lewis, he developed the character very well, believable at all times. Sarah Lee gave a great performance as Joy Gresham again developing the character very well as she challenged Lewis’s beliefs. Lewis’s brother, “Warnie”, provided another opportunity for a great performance by Colin Treliving, perfect casting. Malcolm Todd, Peter Fedorow and Glenn Murphy provided strong support for the Oxford group, each developing their individual characters very well and there was also a good performance from Ed Frost as the young Douglas. The set provided the atmosphere of a bachelor home of the period although I thought the Hotel tea scene could have been visually improved. The scene changes were handled efficiently, while the costumes, lighting and props were fine and in keeping for the occasion. Overall it was well prepared and certainly well performed, good entertainment and enjoyed by the opening night audience.