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11th October 2012


Poynton G & S Society


Poynton Civic Hall

Type of Production



Author: Kevin Proctor

Robin Oakapple is living a lie, denying his birthright as Lord Murgatroyd in an attempt to escape a long-standing witch’s curse, one that condemns all holders of the title, “shall do one crime, or more, once every day forever”.

Robin is in love with Rose Maybud who lives her life according to a small book on etiquette which, naturally, stops her from making the first move!

…Throw in a mad woman, a sailor, an eccentric baronet, a male chorus of dead ancestors and a female chorus of unemployed bridesmaids and you’ve got a banquet of brilliance and bonkers!

Vocals from the principals were impeccable, each of them relishing in the style and demonstrated how accustomed they all are to productions of this nature. The ensemble’s strongest moment was the Act 1 Finale which sounded precise, rich and flawless.

The Musical Direction by Katherine Brown has clearly been an asset to this society, Katherine is not afraid to work her cast to produce no less than precision and was undoubtedly in command throughout the entire performance with her cast and orchestra in the palm of her hand.  I was impressed to learn that the entire orchestra dedicate their time voluntarily, which is incredibly refreshing and rare to hear!

This production reminded me where the heart of amateur operatics truly lies. Many groups are striving and promoting to produce productions of a professional quality which is - of course – excellent, tonight was an invigorating realisation that we’re all simply here for the love of it. The spirit of traditional amateur operatics shone from this company whom submitted no less than a quaint and enjoyable production.

Oliver Bird’s grandeur with his Kenneth Williams inspired characterisation of the Evil Baronet was eccentric and most amusing.

On a constructive note; The male ancestor chorus could’ve benefited looking a little more ghostly, we’re approaching Halloween season after all. Part of the excitement with G&S, for me, is that you’re free to play around with it as much as you like which is a dream for any imaginative or experimental director! As there are no restrictions, I would have liked to see an element of originality to its presentation. 

Congratulations Poynton G&S and thank you for your hospitality!