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Robin Hood and His Posse of Peasants


25th November 2017


Chipping Amateur Theatrical Society


Chipping Village Hall

Type of Production



Theresa Eveson

Musical Director





Author: Eddie Regan

Theresa Eveson, has written and directed this very funny Pantomime based on The Robin Hood story and what a great evening it turned out to be for the capacity audience. As the story unfolded we were soon introduced to the well-known characters who were obviously determined to enjoy their time on stage.     The ensemble of Guards, and Hoodies were outstanding. Full of talent and enthusiasm they ensured that the pace of the show never faltered, so much so, that there was very little time between scenes for the delighted audience to applaud. Every line of script was delivered well and they showed some of the older actors how to project. Maggie Sirman is to be congratulated on her work with the youngsters.

The boos and hisses soon started as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, Andrew Harrison and his simple sidekick Sir Gisburn, Richard Seed, plotted to capture Robin Hood, Kathleen Moon and his “ Merry Men”.  The two villains stole the show for me. The interplay between each other and the audience was hilarious and I looked forward to their every entrance.        Lady Marion, Jon Proctor, was a delightful character played very much “tongue in cheek” and was a great favourite of the younger members of the audience.

The basic scenery and props worked really well. I particularly enjoyed the Archery Competition. The archery target effect was first class.

Theresa and her team are to be congratulated on yet another very successful show.  It always amazes me how the Production Team solve the problems encountered in staging a show with limited facilities and Societies such as these are the backbone of Amateur Theatre.

I look forward to my next visit. Thank you so much for your warm welcome to my wife and myself