Return to the Forbidden Planet

Date 4th May 2017
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Tomkin Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Jon Stacey
Musical Director Jenni Axtell
Choreographer Jon Stacey


Author: Louise Hickey

I must have seen Return to the Forbidden Planet 6 times (at least) and every time, as each of the songs roll out, I remember just how good a selection they are.  The band and cast made a great combination and during the livelier numbers, certainly let rip. The corny dialogue that leads into some of the numbers had some of the audience groaning, but in a good way.

 There was a relatively small cast of nine principal characters, and four supporting chorus members acting as damage control. HMTC introduced five new members in this production and they did very well.

 Richard Davies made a commanding figure as Captain Tempest who gradually softened as his love interest Miranda, very well played by Emily Gardner, won him over. Newcomer, Andi Licqurish, portrayed Doctor Prospero in a semi-dark vein but Sarah Rowberry matched his intensity perfectly in the role of the Science Officer, Gloria, his missing wife. The two other newcomers, George Dixon and Nadia Jackson, playing Cookie and Ariel the Robot respectively, were the liveliest of the cast. Claire Martin took the helm as Bosun Arrus in a confident manner and although he was no Brian May as the Narrator, Graham Jones linked the scenes well.

 The show is based on the Tempest and the dialogue was interspersed with some well-known phrases.  I did feel that some of the lines could have been emphasised a little more as I fear some of the audience may have missed them, but then again it was a fun show that was enjoyed by all.