Relative Values

Date 23rd November 2017
Society Tettenhall Amateur Players
Venue The Hayward Theatre, St Peter’s Collegiate School, Wolverhampton
Type of Production Play
Director Richard Green


Author: Jean Beard

A warm welcome from John Frost and a full theatre including a party of local Rotarians set the scene for this evening’s production from Tettenhall Amateur Players. The authoritive voice and presence of Crestwell, The Butler (Malcolm Holt) informed us of the rules of the evening with regard to mobile devices and how to escape in case of fire! Those details over we sat back to enjoy this light comedy by Noel Coward dealing with a different era from the one we are now living in especially in view of present developments in London.

This play deals with the family dilemma when Nigel (John Frost), the son and heir of Felicity (Jo Timms)  the Countess of Marshwood House decides to marry Miranda (Jess Holt) an American actress. Her displeasure is nothing compared to that of her personal maid Moxie (Deborah Frost) who finds the situation so unbearable she is prepared to leave her job. Portraying the typical Noel Coward character was The Honourable Peter Ingleton (Stuart Messenger) lounging around in a black and white striped suit, always with a cigarette and offering advice to anyone who would listen. Guests for dinner included friends of Felicity Admiral Hayling (Mike Frost), his wife Cynthia (Emma Blackler) and, not invited, but arriving, the American actor Don Lucas (Richard Haswell) who just happens to be in love with Miranda. Complications abound when Moxie confesses that Miranda is her sister who has built her life on lies about her family. When Felicity learns the truth about Moxie’s relationship she decides to promote Moxie, have her made over and presented to Miranda as a personal friend. Confusion follows but all is finally sorted and Moxie and Crestwell celebrate and toast the happy status quo outcome with a glass of sherry.

 Good articulate performances from all the cast but in particular from Crestwell, Moxie, Felicity and Nigel (John Frost).  

A well dressed set and many props made the most of the floor area of the school hall but I would have liked to see a little more detail given by the wardrobe mistress to the costumes, especially the footwear and socks!

An appreciative audience assured the Players of the success of the evening and ensured a steady following for future productions.