Pull The Other One

Date 17th November 2012
Society Saxilby Drama Circle
Venue Saxilby Community Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Adrian Pick


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

This Norman Robbins' farce found great favour with the appreciative audience. The set was ideal for all the ludicrous situations that ensued including plenty of running through the rooms and hiding under tables. The lighting and sound effects were in capable hands. Admittedly several prompts were needed but knowing the problems that have beset this group in recent months this wasn't surprising and in any case they didn't detract from my enjoyment of the play. All seven members of the cast suited their parts well. There was plenty of teamwork which is so essential with a farce. Janet Pick and Jonathan Mellor were nicely paired as Muriel and Albert Perkins while Beryl Jubb was nigh on perfect as Boadicea Heptinstall, Albert's ultra bossy mother-in-law. Dave Makepeace was most amusing as Wilf Turner, their straight-talking neighbour and the three other characters added much to the hilarity.
This was a most entertaining evening; great fun!