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Opera at Christmas Concert


17th December 2017


Una Voce Opera Company


The Ancient Barn, Crosby Hall

Type of Production



Author: Christine Hunter Hughes

It is always a pleasure and delight to attend an Una Voce Concert and this one was certainly no exception. It could well be described at the antidote to Christmas Concerts – not a carol to be heard, well not sung at any rate as on entering The Ancient Barn we were entertained by carols, beautifully played on the saxophone by Ehren Agarwal. 

The concert featured in the main solo items music by Handel & Mozart, through Donizetti and Puccini, on to Bellini and Schubert and all points  – just listening to the stunning music – and all apparently totally effortlessly – made me feel very humble.  

This cornucopia of wonderful music was presented by Graihagh Cordwell, Natasha Agrawal, Eric Roe, Jonathan Gort, Darwin Leonard Prakash, Rachel Bamforth and Aaron Long.   I say presented because their wonderful singing was further enhanced by a brief explanation of the aria they were about to sing and the circumstances and emotions prevalent in the opera at the time. There were some wonderful facial expressions, which almost told the story and emotions, as the arias are for the most part, sung in the original language in which they were composed. Accompanied on the piano by Mr John Peace and Dr Robert Alderson.  

In the main the whole programme was seven solo singers, although there was one duet, and The Shepherd on The Rock by Schubert, sung by Natasha, accompanied on the Clarinet by her brother Ahren and accompanied on the piano by Mr John Peace.  

The whole Company did, most unusually, join together to sing a short piece by Mildred Hill.  The piece in question being Happy Birthday to Una, the founder and Chairman of Una Voce, whose tireless pursuit of their mission – Opera to all, and all to Opera is demonstrated with every concert.   Happy Birthday Una and Very many thanks.