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Old Actors Never Die...They Simply Lose the Plot


13th January 2018


Tithe Farm Players


Tithe Farm Social Club, Rayners Lane, Harrow HA2 0XH


Author: Carole & Bill Baynes

TFP presented this light hearted farce by Lynn Brittney. An ideal choice for an ageing cast as it is set in a Retirement Home/Hotel for retired actors.  The characters are larger than life ex-celebrities allowing TFP members to thoroughly enjoy playing out this absurd storyline. Three of the residents have an ex-husband in common and the main action centres around his latest escapade with the mother of a Russian Mafia gangster with an Oedipus complex. The three ladies were well played by Esme Tyers, Jayne Burden and Carolyn Palin and their errant ex was TFP funny man Peter Fenton. A secondary storyline concerns a recently bereaved resident (played convincingly by Graham Palin) - a shadow of his former self - whose wife was a Dominatrix and he a closet masochist. The arrival of the Russian gangster's moll (played delightfully by Sharon Exelby) spells the end of his grief as she fiercely puts him in his place! This quintessentially British comedy suited the Tithe Farm Players so very well and audience and cast alike spent an enjoyable evening.