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Not Now Darling


5th June 2012


The Peoples Theatre Company


Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham

Type of Production



Rob Goll


Author: Phil Williams

Difficult to fail with this well written farce by Ray Cooney and John Chapman and this Society made full use of all the script offered. It was well directed by Rob maintaining the momentum through action and dialogue as the developing situations became more desperate. The cast all rose to the occasion developing their individual characters, especially Alasdair Maughan and Paul Thomas as Arnold and Gilbert with their contrasting characters, reacting well to each other and the rest of the cast. Joanna Hoyes and Kim Brook were great as Janie and Sue, requiring little help from the costume department other than an occasional fur coat! Tony Kirkham and Gill Cook provided very good character performances as Commander and Mrs Frencham, suitably upper class. Christina Vaughan was very convincing as Maude as was Carly Nunley as Miss Whittington and Glenn Murphy as Harry. The set was designed, constructed and used very well, it certainly added to the success of the production. Costumes were fine as were the props, nice to see realistic drinks although the quality of the “champagne” might have been questionable as not all glasses were emptied!! Overall very entertaining and very well prepared, the audience certainly appreciated the performance.