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Musical ReActions


24th November 2017


ReAct Academy of Theatre Arts


The Civic Theatre Oswaldtwistle

Type of Production



Cassandra Webster & Rachael McCormick


Cassandra Webster & Rachael McCormick, Beth Chandler & Leanne Bradshaw


Author: Sharon Drummond

The set was simple with plain blacks but looked lovely with gorgeous backdrops and allowed the group to have full room on the stage.


The audience was full of family and friends of the cast on what turned out to be a very snowy night. The performances were sung to backing tracks. The lighting and sound in the main were good but the first number had some miking issues.


The opening numbers from the Lion King were a great way to start the show and Hakuna Matata was very funny from Joel Atkin and Bradley Graham


There were then some nice songs from Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid and Fame to showcase the up and coming talent as vocalists and dancers. I loved the next section with numbers from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory especially Juicy! By the Juniors and Lucas Burridge singing Pure Imagination was great.


We Will Rock You came next followed by The Wizard of Oz but my favourite number in Act 1 was Journey to the Past from Anastasia perfectly executed by Alicia Hammond who not only sang beautifully but acted the song too.


13 The Musical is one of my favourite shows and The Lamest Place In the World delivered by Niamh Watrefield was excellent. Elf the Musical was a lovely way to end Act 1 and the Seniors with Rees Parry leading with Sparklejollytwinklejingly was brilliant.


Act 2 began with The Addams Family. Every number in this section was brilliantly performed with Thomas Gales - Ellis leading When You’re an Addams a great front  man for this number. I loved Crazier than You with Autumn Bibby and Rees Parry harmonising beautifully.


Two numbers from Oliver! were performed wonderfully next with great clear diction and then two numbers  from Into the Woods were acted and sung very well. The Matilda set was very good and following that were two numbers from West Side Story with America from the Senior Girls which was beautifully danced and acted and Something’s Coming which was amazing by Rees Parry and for me was the stand out performance of the night.


I loved the Hairspray and Les Miserables sets with some nice solos in each. Overall there were a few pitching and timing issues to the backing tracks and some of the singers need to concentrate on removing their accents from vocals but the groups did an amazing job on learning so many numbers (48 in total) both vocally and with choreography on a lot of them. The production team did a fabulous job putting all this together. Thank you for an enjoyable evenings’ entertainment.