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Murder in Play


18th May 2012


Kibworth Theatre Company


Kibworth Grammar School Hall, Kibworth

Type of Production



Rosanne Lane


Author: Chris Clarke

First I must congratulate Rosanne Lane on this her first directed play and what a good choice she made. The play by Simon Brett is well written and contains all elements to entertain an audiience. The play has 8 named parts who double making 16 characters in all. . Martyn Wyburn who plays Boris Smolensky the director of the play within a play, Carol Townend who plays Renee Savage/ Lady Dorothy Cholmondley, Alex Briggs who plays Christa d'Amato/Mrs Puttock were well cast and ably supported by the rest of the team. The set and costumes added to an evenings enjoyment. Good luck with your next play The Crease in November.