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Pirates of Castle Hedingham


30th November 2017


Castle Players


Castle Hedingham Community Centre

Type of Production



Jessica Spink


Author: Ann Platten

An interesting production written by Jessica and Edward Spink and performed with a cast of around 16 people.

The storyline was good, but at times difficult to follow through with links to the next scenes, the breaks were rather long and needed some background music perhaps rather than leaving the audience just waiting looking at a backcloth.

The young dancers were delightful and really danced beautifully.I believe there was some backing singing and a couple of the dancers were singing, but I was not sure if all were supposed to be singing? Perhaps it was intentional.

We had some flying props at one point which caused amusement.

The main principals did well.Christopher Suckling as Captain Zander,Jessica Spinks as Mako, Alan Rees as Mumma and Jessica Gibbs as Marlin.

The two boys Ray and Fin played as a duo and were very enthusiastic with Luke Townsend and Casper Wort, but with tendency to really shout extremely loud sometimes which was not really needed in a small hall.

I liked the OAP cruise scenes which were very funny and well timed, complete with a tour guide Miss Day played by Elizabeth Rainbird ,this was totally different to the other scenes and well placed in the production and varied the feel of the Pantomime.The opening night is always prone to a few “blips” here and there, but on further performances I am sure the pace will have picked up which will be good.

Well done for a good try at something different and unusual which with a few more songs to give the show more of a Pantomime feel and add another dimension, would have made the show really good.

It is good to see that you have some young people coming along and getting involved so well done.

I hope with your next production you find a show for them all to keep involvement in the group going.