Memory Lane - Diamond Jubilee Concert

Date 30th June 2012
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue HMTC Theatre, Hereford
Type of Production Concert/Revue
Director Richard Davies?
Musical Director Jenni Axtell?


Author: Louise Hickey

Choreographer: Sam Stokes

The eclectic mix of show songs gave the talented cast an opportunity to show us just what they could do. The youth group performed a selection of songs starting with Bugsy Malone, fronted by Connor singing ‘Fat Sam’s’ and Emily with ‘Tallulah’, which was lovely. I especially enjoyed Lauren and Thomas with the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang section. And when Freya sang ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie she rightly deserved the cheer that went up from the audience. Sarah Phillips, as usual, gave a lovely rendition of ‘Once upon a Dream’ from Jekyll and Hyde and Nicky and Steve showed their dancing skills as they sang and tapped to ’Friendship’. I was enchanted (pardon the pun) by Louise and Andy singing ‘So Close’ which was really lovely. The three part harmony for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ sung by Jordan, Rosie and Charlotte was fantastic. In fact the harmony for all of the chorus numbers was brilliant. I loved the comedy songs sung by Doug, Peter, Graham and Ted and Heather, Trish and Jude. The La Cage Aux Folles excerpt with Richard singing ‘I am what I am’ was very moving. But the goose bumps award for the evening goes jointly to a ‘sparkling’ Trudy and Georgina singing ‘For Good’ closely followed by Sam and Gemma with ‘One Short Day’ both from Wicked. The tear jerker was ‘On My Own’ sung beautifully by Jordan and just when I thought I couldn’t take any more the whole cast finished with ‘One Day More’. Perfect!