Matilda Jr.

Date 30th June 2023
Society Sawston Youth Drama
Venue The Marven Centre
Type of Production Youth
Director Jackie Green
Musical Director Diane Hicks
Choreographer Molly Farrer
Producer Mark Long


Author: Decia Ranger

Adapted from the book by Roald Dahl this one act musical is full of terrific songs and energetic dance numbers, the perfect vehicle in fact for these young performers, enabling them to display their singing, dancing and acting talents. And what an amazing amount of talent there was in this production, with many of these youngsters displaying a stage presence beyond their years.

Matilda is described as an extraordinary little girl with extraordinary powers and Amelie Maccallum-Borin gave a simply spellbinding performance of this genius child who rises above the cruel indifference of her parents, to pursue her love of books and storytelling. Very well done.

Matilda’s parents were well played by Isobel Brogan as the self centred Mrs Wormwood and Albert Barker as Mr Wormood whose only interest in life appears to be making money doing dodgy business deals. Hizkia Diamond, as Matilda’s monosyllabic brother Michael, may not have had a lot to say but his timing made sure he kept the audience laughing.

Good performances also from Max Collins and Maggie O’brien as story characters Escapologist and Acrobat and from Emma Strode as librarian Mrs Phelps who becomes a friend to Matilda.

Well done to Candela Ocon Cuadros as Matilda’s teacher, Miss Honey. She now has to learn to hold back on her lines until the audience appreciation has died down, otherwise her first few words are lost, as happened here. That apart, a very nice performance.

Harry Richards was terrific as Agatha Trunchball, the head teacher who hates children. The authoritative delivery of his dialogue was consistently over the top and totally hilarious.

All the solos were well sung and the chorus numbers were amazing and often featured lovely harmonies as well as singing in the round, which many an adult finds challenging.  Congratulations to all the named members of the cast as well as the large chorus of singers and dancers, amongst whom I spotted some very talented performers.

It was obvious that all the cast had worked really hard to produce such a high standard of performance which was full of energy from the opening number to the final bows. Costumes were good as was the pre-recorded musical accompaniment which was never too loud.

This was a well-directed production with some excellent choreography. Congratulations to Jackie Green and Molly Farrer who certainly brought out the best in their young enthusiastic cast.

Another great show from SYD.

Thank you for inviting me.  My colleague and I had a very enjoyable evening.