Lord Saville's Crimes

Date 12th December 2019
Society Billingham Players
Venue Theatre Upstairs
Type of Production Play
Director Mike Boyle


Author: Jean Scarlett-Carr

This play was a lovely evening's entertainment from the Billingham Players, set in Victorian England in a gentry house that brought mystery and comedy in a performance that was well directed by Mike Boyle 

The story is based around the two lead characters  Lord Arthur Saville and his butler Baines as they try to plot together the demise of someone to ensure a happy marriage for the Lord, in a script that twists and turns and gives some lovely comedy too

Lord Arthur Savile performed by Kelvin Witherspoon-Sudron was the hapless  toff, very tall and pleasant manner.  Sybil Merton the Lord's fiancée, was played by Jayne Kempen who had good expression in her voice with a little flutter to add the daintiness.  Baines, the butler, played by Scott Ayling had great character and volume in his speech with lovely interaction with audience as his plots along the way unravelled with great comedy and very effective interacting expressive facial character.  The Lord's cousin the Dean of Paddington, the church clergy member of the family poised to marry the pair was very gentile from Peter Gardiner with good strong character and very  church-like.  Lady Windermere the lord's Aunt was played by Wendy Gosling as the eccentric blonde very panicked and was always organising.  Lady Clementina Beauchamp the older great Aunt played by Liz Betts was quite warm in character very pleasantly played as dithery aged and failing but really heartily healthy, a lively performance.  Lady Julia Merton the mother of fiancée Sybil, acted by Karen Kerr was quite menacing and always suspicious of Arthur, a good character portrayal.  Mr Podgers the cause of all wrong doing was a played by Simon Stevenson a quite chilling character.  Nellie the young house maid was well played by Tara Conway becoming the seductress to Baines, nicely done.  Herr Winkelkopf the mad foreigner played by Ivan Limon had good accent and lots of energy and with good expression 

The Set was a traditional box set, stunning, warmly- decorated with carpet curtains patio door traditional furnishings and beautiful fireplace, lit well to accentuate the additional doorways and accesses.  All voices were clearly heard throughout and nicely portrayed characters developed along the script, and  speed of delivery was good keeping flow maintained. Costumes were lovely, changed with scenes and keeping with the period. 

A lovely play, well performed and an entertaining evening. Thanks one and all.