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Legally Blonde The Musical Jnr


10th April 2019


Casa Performing Arts


Royalty Theatre, Sunderland

Type of Production



Ian Bianchi

Musical Director

Laura Taylor


Kim Grtton and Beth Morton


Author: Michelle Coulson

“Legally Blonde the Musical Jnr” follows the story of Elle Woods when her boyfriend  Warner dumps her and heads to Harvard claiming she's not serious enough and her transformation as she decides to take things into her own hands and follow him there. Although the “jnr” version of the show is scaled down the big production numbers are still there ensuring plenty of opportunity to showcase the talent of a young cast.

Casa got the show off to a great start with a rousing rendition of “Omigod You Guys” featuring Pilar (Emma Briggs), Margo (Harriet Blake) and Serena (Mia McManus) Delta Nu, these girls worked well together with good confident performances and it was also where we first met the four legged star of the show “Bruiser” (also known as Penny), so cute.

Elle was played by Beth Morton who was on stage for most of the show leading it and giving a confident performance with great comedy moments and good vocals. Emmett Forrest was well played by Kieran Kitson, his character was likeable and sincere and his songs were well delivered. Callum Kendray as Warner portrayed his character well with a confident performance of “Serious” and Aron Taylor as Professor Callahan gave a mature and assured performance. As beautician Paulette, Hannah Lockey led her numbers well and together with her U.P.S guy Kyle, played by Hayden Kavanagh, had some very funny scenes. As Brooke, Courtney Richardson led an energetic " Whipped into Shape" and Lily Horrocks as Kiki together with the older girls gave a good rendition of "Bend and Snap". Caitlin Hair as Vivienne played the ideal contrast to Elle as the stuck up, intellectually driven law student.

The many cameo roles were all well played and gave lots of the young performers an opportunity to shine and most importantly the entire cast looked like they were having the best time and enjoying every minute of their experience.  

This is only the second performance I have seen by Casa Theatre Group but I can already see how much these young people have grown in confidence and skill over the year, well done and keep up the good work!