Legally Blonde

Date 17th March 2017
Society Dundee Operatic Society
Venue Whitehall Theatre, Dundee
Type of Production Musical
Director Ross Lelsie
Musical Director Richard Waghorn
Choreographer Ross Leslie


Author: Roger D. Buist

This society has revitalized and invigorated itself this year and a large, young company took to the stage to present this modern show. Seldom off stage, plus many costume changes, and leading the way as the “dumb” blonde, easily breezing through her role, was Rebecca Waghorn as an absolutely all-rounder in the acting, singing, and dancing departments as sorority girl Elle Woods making her way through Harvard Law School and finding romance at the same time and, in doing so, proved she was anything but dumb! The man of her dreams was a certain Warner Huntingdon III, (played with great conviction by Andrew Waghorn), but he rebuffed her for his own political dreams. (Bad move!). Step forward our hero Emmett Forrest, played by an understanding and considerate Thomas Richmond guiding and advising Elle from the moment she enters Harvard. Along the way we meet an odd assortment of characters – Professor Callahan, (Kris Mordente), as a man with evil intentions; Vivienne Kensington (Vicki Lorimer), who eventually befriends Elle; and the Delta Nu Greek Chorus girls who popped up all over the stage with their singing and dancing roles. Comedy came in the shape of Irish hairdresser Paulette Bonafonte- a feisty performance this from Jen Newton. Her encounter with sexy Kyle, the UPS guy (Ryan Milne) on delivering a “package” to her was riotous – both their reactions were so funny to watch! This production fairly zipped along at an amazing pace and there were several highlights - among them the skipping ensemble sequence lead by a fit Brooke Wyndham (Jem Clark) and the Riverdance sequence which was absolutely brilliant!.The court room scene, too, was a classic as it eventually descended into a riotously funny affair with Franky Anderson and Matthew Millar as Carlos and Nikos “hamming” their way through it all leading to much merriment! This show was a joy to watch – well done DOS!