Legally Blonde

Date 12th March 2015
Society Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company
Venue Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Denise Robinson
Musical Director Karl Babarczi
Choreographer Denise Robinson


Author: Alf Rai

~~MUSCOM were given the honour of performing the British amateur premiere of “Legally Blonde” and boy did they make a good job of it!
It’s probably one of the best amateur performances that I’ve seen for while. Well done to everyone involved!
A sign of a good show is that it seemed to fly by and overhearing some of the amazing comments around me as people were leaving confirmed this.
 It would be difficult to mention the entire principle cast here as there were so many, but each and every one of them gave solid all round performances. It was a joy to watch.
In the starring role was Katie Astbury (Elle) who was simply a star! She must have been exhausted by the end as she never leaves the stage and yet she managed to capture the character superbly, full of energy from start to finish with some very tricky dance routines with still enough breath to sing over a dozen songs throughout the show.
She was equally matched by Kimberley Robinson (Brooke), Pacale Rollings (Vivienne), Ty Harris (Warner) and the very experienced Chris Frost as “Callahan”.
Harry Golightly as Elle’s friend Paulette was pure comedy genius and very nearly stole the show as did Zac Hollinshead as the UPS guy “Kyle” and the hilarious Adam Starr (Carlos) as the disgruntled partner of court room witness “Nicos”.
The chorus lads and lassie’s provided great support to the main cast and must have been drilled to within an inch of their lives by the demanding Producer/Choreographer Denise Robinson as they ploughed through some wonderful dance routines.
Credit also to Matt Bird and the hard working stage crew who provided some very slick scene changes which kept the pace of the show alive together with the fabulous professional orchestra under the tight control of musical director Karl Babarczi.
My thanks also to the Front of House team for their hospitality which really did make this a most enjoyable evening.