Date 18th March 2015
Society Rose Hill Musical Society
Venue Guildhall Theatre, Derby
Type of Production Musical
Director Beverley Graham
Musical Director Margaret Slater
Choreographer Beverley Graham


Author: Keith Scott-Savage

The colourful opening  with  Fairies  filling the stage,  was the perfect setting to unfold the story of this very good interpretation of Iolanthe by Rose Hill Musical Society.  As usual the quality of the singing throughout the cast was first class, and I make particular mention of the  ` March of Peers` from the men,  and the opening chorus from the ladies,   which  established some beautiful harmonies.

Iolanthe,  played by Angela Martin gave a sympathetic performance in the title role,  playing  it with warmth and tenderness.  Craig Arme as Strephon,  and Nicola Harris as Phyllis , as the love interest,  both used their fine singing voices to great effect and complimented each other  perfectly.

Peter Featherstone, as the Earl of Mountararat,  and David Fletcher as Earl Tolloller,  extracted the comedy element to the full, along with Allister Jordan as The Lord chancellor,  who was quite outstanding.    Jayne Brewster Beard gave a powerful portrayal as Queen of the Fairies,  commanding the stage impressively.   Katie Smith, Paula Bettison and Samantha Fletcher played their roles as Fairies most  capably.   A nice cameo from John Wilson as Private Willis,  droll to the extreme, completed a good line-up.

The set was colourful and functional, costumes were excellent.  The orchestra under Carl Smith was outstanding,  as usual.    The show moved at a good pace and the tempo was  maintained  at all times.

Congratulations to the production  team.