Holiday Soup

Date 9th November 2018
Society Tettenhall Amateur Players
Venue Preston Golf Club Wolverhampton
Type of Production Drama
Director Richard Curtains


Author: Jean Beard

This play written by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman harked back to the days when comedy was fun to watch and “Whitehall Farce” situations really were funny. No four letter words needed to shock, no message to be delivered. All that was required was to sit back and enjoy. Pleasant surroundings at the golf club, a good set and first class props. In fact a recipe for an evening’s entertainment away from all the day to day political news.

The setting is a luxury time-share villa in Portugal. Commander ‘Chitto’ Chittenden (Richard Ashton) is the bumbling concierge who has double booked two couples for their luxurious holiday.  Leslie (Malcolm Holt) and Eve (Nikki Tottenham) and Henry (John Frost) and Mary (Jo Timms) both believe they have the exclusive use of the villa. As the servants have not arrived obviously each couple assumed the other two were those servants. Chitto had never met the servants so he was no help at all and confusion reigned and the mayhem continued with Chitto getting more drunk at every entrance and the arrival of Mother in Law (Deborah Frost) and friends Perky (Greg Asbury) and Kit Wendy Hallez) did nothing to improve the situation.

The fun continued with lies and deception. Wives who were not wives but mistresses, wives appearing etc.  As with all good plays the situations are solved (almost) and all well that ends well. An evening of fun enjoyed by everyone, not least the Players who passed their delight in being cast in this comedy to the audience