Holiday Snap

Date 28th July 2012
Society Cast and Crew Theatre Workshop
Venue St Nicholas Community Hall, Canvey Islands, Essex
Type of Production Play
Director David Smith


Author: Tessa Davies

An excellent script performed by a talented company, Holiday Snap is a farce in the classic sense and, as such, it is imperative that the action is fast paced throughout. All the actors gave good performances and the nuances of the script were, in the main, well displayed. However the first act lacked the necessary pace to make it really fizz which was a shame.

The set was effective, if a little large for the small cast. I appreciate it was meant to portray a spacious Portuguese villa but I feel that it might have helped the pace if the space had been constricted a little more. Farce inevitably means going in and out of doors a lot and this is far more effective if all the doors are close together.

Listening to the audience reaction in the interval showed me that they were all enjoying the play and the pace picked up in the second half. As the play reached its inevitable denouement, the cast continued to keep us entertained.

I liked Matthew Willis’s portrayal of the young and somewhat inexperienced boyfriend and Trudy-Ann Britnell’s performance as Eve hit all the right notes. The revelation that Mary (Sarah Lepley) and Henry (Andy Shore) were not actually married was well handled and the audience shared the delight that ensued from this. All the other actors gave characterful performances and, judging by the audience comments as we left, the play was very well received.