Date 18th May 2012
Society Saxilby Drama Circle
Venue Community Hall, Saxilby,Lincoln
Type of Production Play


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

All the well-known characters from the famous TV series were faithfully reproduced in this stage production. This was most entertaining and throughly enjoyed by the audience. The set, depicting various parts of Maplins Holiday Camp was excellent. The lighting and sound were important facets of the show and I enjoyed the snippets of the Fifties music that accompanied the scene changes. All the members of the Maplins staff played their parts admirably. Yvonne Kimber excelled as Chief Yellowcoat Gladys Pugh. I an Atkinson's Ted Bovis was noisily larger than life and the professional dancing duo [Chris Siddall and David Makepeace] was suitably snobbish. Mark Stoneham made a very likeable Jeffrey Fairbrother while Yvette Kimber was quite outlandish as Peggy, the chalet maid. congratulations to alll concerned with this very amusing show.