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Happy Anniversary


11th May 2012


Lindsey Rural Players


Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby, Lincs

Type of Production



Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

The Master of Ceremonies at this variety concert to celebrate 40 years at the Broadbent Theatre was none other than their President: Jim Broadbent. It was a most exciting evening with an excellent programme of words, music and action by members of all ages from pre-teenagers to one I know is over 80. The stage was empty apart from side flats and drapes. The stage management was slick ensuring smooth running of the concert. The lighting and sound effects added to the overall success. Musical items included a routine from Wicked by the LRP Youth Theatre, a couple of well-known solos from Gloria Poole and duets by Bob Jackling and Chris Driffill with Mike Boltz as accompanist. Acting ability was notable in an excerpt from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' performed by Clare Richardson and Tom Murray. In complete contrast, and equally well done,was Rosie Beale and Catherine Hughes' highly amusing 'Day Trippers' [one of Jean McConnell's 'Deckchairs' short plays]. Sheila Buckthorp's monologue 'Etchings' was excellent and another highlight of the evening was the Magic Show performed by Patrick Markham [who normally is in charge of lighting] with valuable assistance from Rachel, Tom and Clare. Clare also performed a very moving piece which she had written herself called The Phone Call. It's not possible to mention every aspect of the concert, but all played an important part in it. Having Jim Broadbent there, too, made it just that little bit more special. Most enjoyable!