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13th March 2014


Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company


Grand Theatre Wolverhampton

Type of Production



Denise Robinson

Musical Director

Phil James


Denise Robinson


Author: Alf Rai

Denise Robinson is renowned for her dazzling choreography and this show proved to be no exception. Right from the off the show opened with high energy routines which were tiring just to watch! The show was pulsating from start to finish. Colourful costumes and stage set complimented the show very nicely.

All the principles actors were fantastic and well cast in their prospective roles, particularly the energetic Tom Winfield (Danny Zuko) and the very talented Holly Stringfellow (Sandy Dumbrowski) proving once again they both have some top singing voices in the area.

The fabulous Pink Ladies supported the lead pair well; Claudia Gilmore was just right as the troubled “Rizzo” as was Kimberley Robinson (Frenchy) and Harry Golightly (Marty).

Dazzling performances also from the T Bird characters Liam Sargeant (Doody), Aaron Perry (Roger), Dominic Smith (Kenickie) and Jamie Taylor (Sonny)

Some nice comedy moments provided by Georgia Hudson (Jan), Matthew Colley playing the nerdy “Eugene” and Pascal Rollings as teachers pet “Pattie”.

Nice supporting roles from Jon Dempsey (Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel) Dan Smith (Johnny Casino) and Jessica Fellows (Cha Cha Digregerio)

It was particularly nice to see the Society’s Chairperson, Marcelle Rollings, dusting off the ol’ dance shoes and back on stage as teacher “Miss Lynch”

The chorus also supported extremely well and I have to mention possibly the youngest cast member, Ben Evans, who has to be one of the very best young talents in the business and to me stood out from the crowd during the exhausting dance routines. It’s a racing certainty that he will be a Leading Man in the West End soon. Well done Ben!

A mention also for the band under the capable directorship of Phil James was the icing on the cake and topped a terrific night’s entertainment!