Girl's Night Too

Date 28th April 2018
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Tomkin Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Richard Davis


Author: Louise Hickey

This follow up to ‘Girls Night’ was just as funny, sad, thought-provoking and foot tapping as the original. Apart from Sarah Rowberry playing Liza, the original cast picked up their roles with a familiarity that added to the reality of the production. The simple set was increased somewhat by the addition of a dance floor in front of the stage that the supporting ensemble used to full advantage by ‘dragging’ some of the audience up to dance, which really did remind me of many a wedding reception, which was the setting of this musical.

The wedding is taking place of Candy Rose, who we never see, and is the daughter of the girl’s friend Sharon who, although dead, has not left them yet as she must earn her full wings. Sharon well played by Maddy Robinson, acted as the narrator and filled the audience in on the background of the mismatched group of friends and the problems they are having with their own lives. At the end of the original Girls Night it was revealed that Candy Rose was also the daughter of Kate’s husband Steve and twelve months on, Kate is still coming to terms with this. Sarah Phillips portrayed the hurt and jealous Kate very well and her rendition of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ was lovely.

Anita, played by Clare Martin, has become a more confident person and has started her wedding planning business organising this event which inevitably has some comical moments, such as burgers being the choice of the meal and the cake ending up on the floor. Clare has a very strong voice which suited the two songs she sang extremely well. Bex Taylor reprised the role of Carol, Sharon’s best friend, who has finally got back with her first husband and the love of her life, even though she seemed to have a self-destruct button always about to go off but who eventually gets her happy ending.

And the final cast member is Liza, played by Sarah Rowberry, who is shallow, spoilt and unhappy but who is determined to enjoy her first night out since the birth of her last child. What can I say? I admire anyone who can play a good drunk but one who then uses a toilet on stage in the most comfortable and relaxed manner at the same time, takes it up a notch for me. Sarah was hilarious, and the audience was in fits at her antics. She remained in character throughout and there were moments when I really thought she was going to topple over, she was so convincing.

The cast were well balanced, and you could define the relationships much better in Girls Night Too. Also, the music was fabulous, and the atmosphere fantastic. Well done HMTC.