Encore the Musicals

Date 27th July 2013
Society Encore Productions
Venue Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington
Type of Production Musical Review
Director Kit Philips
Musical Director Simon Pickup


Author: Michael Jones-McCaw

Encore the Musicals; a compilation of song and dance from our world of stage and screen showcasing a huge range from the most popular and best loved, to the obscure and unknown.  The programme was certainly varied and showcased a huge mix of talent amongst the company. It was encouraging to see so many new faces amongst the company and great to see familiar faces having a go at something different. Stu Baker really stood out with charm and style in all his given numbers. ‘A Million Love Songs’ was hilarious! Becca Hatch once again stole the limelight with her stunning rendition of ‘A Change in Me’ from Beauty and the Beast.  ‘Make Him Mine’ was an absolute highlight for me and I so wished we’d have saw much more of Claire Cannon and Natalie Hayes in the spotlight.

The company numbers were all good with fresh and energetic choreography. Not every number needed a dance routine; sometimes it was really distracting to have dancers coming on whilst someone is performing a solo or a duet.  I think it’s a novel idea for performers to come out into the auditorium however because it was used excessively it did detract from some of the numbers and the harmonies couldn’t be heard clearly.

I really enjoyed the Michael Jackson medley  - it was so different and must have been a great challenge to get stuck into. The Jersey Boys section was also brilliant again bringing something fresh to the stage.

I thought it was a shame that the soloists had to use handheld mics rather than headsets. I felt they did detracted from some of the performances either because they were hiding their faces or expressions or they weren’t confident in using a handheld.  The songs could have been better sold in character without that distraction. The backing tracks sounded really great even though I did miss a live band. I think when you have such versatile and strong performers in the cast, a backing track can be restricting on their performance.

The overall set looked great and the space was well used with some really good lighting effects.