Disney Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Date 12th March 2020
Society React Youth Theatre
Venue Empire Theatre Consett
Type of Production Musical
Director Ian Mordue
Musical Director Donna Graham
Choreographer Cheryl Caine


Author: Michelle Coulson

Disney Alice in Wonderland Jr was perfect for React! Youth Theatre to showcase their young talent with lots of opportunities for the cast to have their time to shine, all 24 cast members having a named role to play. The somewhat crazy story begins with in the park with Alice (Olivia Stafford) and her sister Mathilda (Jess Croney) relaxing and as Alice fell asleep we were transported to Wonderland. Jess gave a good supporting performance and Olivia sang and acted well and her supporting “Alices”, Grace Craig and Sydney-Ann Northay, also played their roles well. The Cheshire Cats (Alex Parker, Riley Southern and Nickie Hare) popped up throughout the story to tell of Alice’s adventure and all three of them had good speaking voices and great expression, perfect for narrating. There was great energy in the performance of Emily Donnelly as the White Rabbit and the “Tweedles” played by Erin Wilde and Katie Waites were hilarious, I loved their handshake routine. After speaking to the confidently played Doorknob (Oliver Wild) and crying an ocean of tears, Alice found herself meeting an assertive Dodo bird in a boat (James Grainger) and took part in a rousing “Cactus Race” number.  Alice’s next encounter was with the mean flowers played very well by Marlie-Leah Lynch, Lillie Hook and Lottie Reynaud, great characterisation. The Caterpillar played by Izzy Hay cheered Alice up leading a rousing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” before she was sent on her way to a tea party. The tea party guests were all very well played, super characters and comedy led by Aiden Hay (Mad hatter) and Ben Muirhead (March Hare). Alice, following the White rabbit, ended up in the garden of the Queen of Hearts. Charlotte Parker as the Queen had good stage presence and there was a great contrast in character from her King, Ollie Flattery, as they led the cards (Elizabeth Harris, Katelyn Cox, Thea Caine and Isaac Anderson) and Alice in a game of Simon Says.

All too soon Alice’s adventure was over but not before the audience was able to show the cast how much they had enjoyed their evening. The character makeup was very good, costumes and set made by the group were excellent and there was good lighting and sound support. Congratulations to Ian, Donna, Cheryl and all of their team for putting together a very enjoyable production.