Deck the Halls

Date 6th December 2014
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue Tomkins Theatre
Type of Production Concert
Director Ann Kemp
Musical Director Rosemary Wolstencroft
Choreographer Tracy Roberts, Janet Rose


Author: Louise Hickey MBE

The set was beautiful for the annual Deck the Halls; the Christmas trees twinkling in the background made it a very festive evening.

The company opened with ‘O Holy Night’ and it was so lovely it gave me goose bumps. The harmonies throughout the evenings programme were superb but as an opener it was fantastic. Sarah Phillips and Richard Davies, and Trudy Connolly and Sarah Quarrell also harmonized beautifully in their duets which were so different and yet both perfectly lovely. Barbara and David Newton also treated the audience to their annual Christmas song, which always goes down well. Ted Mitson’s comedy song ‘under the Mistletoe’ and Jo-Anna Grove’ ‘Never Do a Tango with an Eskimo’ gave the audience a good laugh. Ann Kemp and Tracy Roberts delighted the audience with their solo numbers too.

It was nice to see Sarah Rowberry singing a solo; her choice of song was delightful. It was also nice to see Beryl Lewis and Bev Rogerson stepping forward to take the lead in their respective songs.

The short sketch written by Tony Baker: Christmas in the Trenches ‘Theatre of War’ was performed by Sarah, Janet, Tracy, Richard and David. It was very poignant and resulted in a few somber moments in the Christmas celebrations as it was very touching.

As usual HMTC delighted the audience and put us all in the Christmas spirit. Thank you and Merry Christmas.