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Dangerous Obsession


20th April 2012


Cleadon Village Drama Company


Little Theatre, Cleadon

Type of Production



Denise Wilson, Assistant: Lorna Weathers


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

C.V.D.C. never ceases to amaze me at the standard and depth of talent within this relatively small group.

This was a very difficult, intense, three handed, psychological thriller. The action was continuous and took place on a single set i.e. the conservatory of the Driscoll home, which was beautifully dressed in monochrome. All the props were perfect for the period and setting.

All three actors produced outstanding performances and had great rapport with each other. Gillian Crossley played wife, Sally Driscoll, giving us a great breadth of emotions and even extraction moments of humour in what was a very tense play. Ian Reah, played husband Mark Driscoll, with a superb variety of facets to his character. He gave everything from intense rage to quivering fear and everything in between.

Bill Dodds was magnificent in the mammoth role of John Barrett. Bill stepped in at very short notice, but his talent shone through as he portrayed this intensely complex character. From the gentle, nervous man at the start to the powerful, sinister and frightening person at the end, he caused the tension to build to breaking point.

The last picture as the lights dimmed and the curtains closed, was very powerful. You could almost feel a spine chilling shudder go through the audience. Another excellent production.