Date 29th December 2016
Society Kettering Youth Theatre Group
Venue The Masque Theatre
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Rebecca Szoltysek
Musical Director Duncan Balcon
Choreographer Rebecca Szoltsysek


Author: Caroline Jervis

What better way to brighten up a cold, frosty December evening than to visit the Masque Theatre to watch Kettering Youth Theatre Group performing “Cinderella”. The groups’ 42nd pantomime was watched by a full auditorium and the audience was treated to a very colourful traditional pantomime filled with all the magical moments you expect from a production of “Cinderella”.

The production was ably directed by Rebecca Szoltysek along with assistants Nikki Thompson and Emily Harris. The staging was excellent and the principals were all well-cast in their roles. My only criticism is that some of the actors needed to slow down their delivery so as to give better clarity to their diction, but this is something to work on in the future. The choreography by Rebecca Szoltysek was very good indeed, it was imaginative and energetic. I particularly enjoyed the tap routine. Well done to the musical director, Duncan Balcon - there were some very good music choices and the company had been coached to a high standard and in a couple of the numbers there was some excellent harmonising.

Olivia Nix brought beauty and charm to her role as Cinderella with some lovely singing too. Charley Burke was a very confident Prince Charming and worked well with Cinderella. Emily Gunn also played her role of Dandini with confidence it was lovely to see two very strong principal boys. Ruby Burke gave a very endearing performance as Buttons and had a beautiful voice this was a performance that I particularly enjoyed. Charlotte Larmour was a very confident and modern Fairy Godmother. Olivia Miller played her role of Major Domo very well. Thomas Larmour did well as Baron Hardup, not easy to play an older role but Thomas was very convincing. Josh Roberts as Gorgon and Harry Blumire as Zola played the two hapless ugly sisters, the pair worked very well together and brought out all the humour of the roles, they also contrasted each other perfectly, well done to you both. Snatchit and Grabbit were played by Daisy Christer and Lily Groom and they brought lots of fun and energy to their roles. The principals were backed by an excellent chorus and dancers who all played their part in Cinderella and judging from their broad smiles throughout clearly thoroughly enjoyed performing to the audience.

The sets and scenery were all very good and well-managed though a couple of times the black outs could have been a bit shorter. The props were of a good standard and used well. The lighting and sound quality was excellent throughout. The make – up was outstanding and well-defined the characters. The costumes for this production were superb, many of which would not be out of place on a professional stage. The finale costumes brought gasps from the audience, the feathered hats were stunning and what a spectacular scene it was!

Congratulations to Kettering Youth Theatre Group on another wonderful production. Thank you for inviting me to what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.