Cash on Delivery

Date 30th May 2014
Society Saxilby Drama Circle
Venue Saxilby Village Hall
Type of Production play
Director Pam Burnett and Mark Stoneham


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

A farce by Michael Cooney, this found great favour with the audience. There was plenty of laughter from start to finish. On being made redundant two years earlier, Eric Swan had indulged in all manner of DSS frauds. His attempts to explain these involved a lot of instant inventiveness. He also involved his Uncle George and his lodger, Norman Bassett. The pivotal part of Eric was played by Adrian Pick, and Richard Kort was the lodger who was drawn into the nightmare-type situations that ensued. To add to the confusion, Eric's wife, Linda, thinks he's into cross-dressing. All ten members of the cast played their parts remarkably well. A good pace was maintained throughout. The set which was well-built and decorated stood up very well to the amount of action typical of farce. The lighting and sound effects were fine and the costumes were most suitable. A word of praise for young Jack Holliday whose make-up and demeanour made him quite credible as Eric's Uncle George. Jack had taken on the role at fairly short notice. This was a side-splittingly funny play with one ludicrous situation following on immediately after another. Well done.